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exploring the stories
of our shared night sky

Cosmic Journey was created initially to provide community and primary school outreach related to astronomy and an advocate for light pollution abatement. Presentations and observing events catered to the grades 4, 6 and 9 within the Alberta science curriculum. 

Patrick Earl, one of the two founders of Cosmic Journey, has worked in acquiring dark sky designations for park spaces and an international designation for the Bon Accord, Alberta community. Bon Accord received Canada's first International Dark Sky Community designation from the International Dark Sky Association based in Tucson, Arizona. 

He worked on developing an event in Bon Accord called the Summer Skies Equinox. In its first year, approximately 1,200 people attended. Within a few years of its running, the annual event expanded to approximately 5,000 attendees.

Venturing beyond the confines of traditional tourism, Patrick has been a driving force in crafting vibrant identities for communities and organizations, leveraging their unique charms to fuel unforgettable tourism experiences. From the rustic charm of agriculture and agritourism to the kaleidoscopic tapestry of the arts, Patrick's expertise knows no bounds conceiving memorable visitor unforgettable impressions. Yet, amidst his myriad of goosebump endeavors, one celestial allure has always beckoned—the cosmos and astrotourism.

Thus, Cosmic Journey was reborn—a testament to humanity's eternal yearning to reconnect with the majesty of the night sky. With a mission to educate, advocate, and ignite passion for celestial exploration in a world increasingly veiled by artificial light. Join us as we embark on a voyage to rediscover the sky and its stories, much like our ancestors had.


Welcome aboard!

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